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Welcome, to the project page of Marco Hoelker-Wehde (english version), publicist from Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (DigitalSoul Berlin). DigitalSoul offers online marketing, SEO optimization, "business consulting in Berlin for e-commerce startups as well as for all industries consulting in the areas of: Advertising and Marketing. Current publications include a book, e-book and an app on the subject of quitting smoking.
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Online marketing and advertising are the keys to the success of all web projects. Investments in internet marketing or SEO optimization measures pay for themselves many times over. It is the rule rather than the exception that agency and advertising costs are recouped before the invoice is issued.

After 25 years of experience and over 1000 successful online marketing Berlin projects, DigitalSoul brings your business into the success zone. A no-obligation initial consultation at no cost determines the success potential of your project!

In marketing, SEO optimization and business consulting for e-commerce start-ups (business start-ups) or other organizations, 100 percent confidentiality is guaranteed.

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NEWS FROM 09.03.2024

09.03.2024 – Search engine optimization specialist article: OpenAI is working on a search engine
OpenAI, known for its generative AI tool ChatGPT, wants to offer a new search engine that can keep up with industry leader Google, according to media reports. The OpenAI search engine is to be based on the technology of the Microsoft Bing engine. It is therefore being discussed whether OpenAI has a chance at all and whether an AI search engine is better than a normal search engine; or what changes need to be made so that AI search services can keep up with normal search engines. »Search engines versus AI search engines»

Online Marketing Berlin & SEO Optimization & Business Consulting